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It’s a Great Week to Be a Queer Woman in DC

There are some wonderful events this week that range from the opening of a new space for queer women to gatherings to support queer women political candidates to the meeting of a social dicussion group to happy hours. There’s something for everyone this week!

Here are some highlights:

As always, get more information on these events and many more by clicking on events in the calendar below.



Though we are not usually proponents of using capslock to yell though the computer, we had to be sure you got that message. Here’s what’s happening this weekend:

  • Friday, January 13th: She Rex! @ Chief Ikes
  • Friday, January 13th: Flannel Friday @ Phase 1
  • Sunday, January 15th: Her HRC @ Town (tickets)
  • Sunday, January 15th: Dancin’ Till the World Ends… the official after party @ DC9 (tickets)
  • Sunday, January 15th: Saints & Sinners Dance Party at Phase 1

We hope you brought your dancing shoes.


As always, see the calendar below for more information and upcoming events.